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NCDOT Bridge Replacement Division 14 Western Carolina - Haywood County, NC

NCDOT Signal Design System - Rocky Mount, NC

NCDOT NC24 Safety And Operational Study - Beulaville, NC

NCDOT R-2519B Widening Of US 19E - Yancey And Mitchell Counties, NC

VDOT Route 224 and Route 23 Corridor Study - Scott County, VA & Kingsport, TN

VDOT Elizabeth River Tunnels - Norfolk and Portsmouth, VA

VDOT Route 1 At 637 And 639 Operation And Safety Study - Stafford County, VA

VDOT Route 620 and 639 Intersection Safety Study - Spotsylvania County, VA


DAVENPORT served as a subconsultant to Louis Berger for NCDOT Division 14 Accelerated Bridge Replacements Group W. The bridge rojects involved a challenging time frame for design and approval as well as adapting to a new execution process, with accelerated 100% approved plan schedules ranging from 150 to 230 calendar days.

DAVENPORT provided utility coordination and design services as well as signed and sealed utility construction documents for the relocation of a waterline on one of the projects. Our team worked closely with NCDOT to improve the utility coordination process.



As a sub consultant, DAVENPORT played a critical role in the rehabilitation / expansion of the Rocky Mount Computerized Traffic Signal System.

Scope of Services

This project involved the rehabilitation and expansion of the existing city's computerized traffic signal system for the NCDOT (approx. 150 signalized intersections). The work primarily comprised of communications system upgrades and expansion, field equipment upgrades, enhancement of the central system/Traffic Control Center and the expansion of the video monitoring system. DAVENPORT’s critical role in this project was to prepare electrical details for the traffic signals. DAVENPORT prepared all plan sheets using the latest version of MicroStation and associated workspaces in use by NCDOT.



As a subconsultant for VDOT Traffic Engineering On-Call services for the Central Region, DAVENPORT provided traffic engineering services for this project. DAVENPORT’s scope of services included data collection and inventory, and analysis of existing conditions. DAVENPORT prepared an inventory of existing roadway conditions at 13 critical intersections in the study area. Close coordination with VDOT, TDOT, City of Kingsport, Kingsport MPO and Lenowisco PDC was required. DAVENPORT reviewed prior traffic count data collected previously from various traffic studies and three years of available crash data. Traffic data collection included vehicle classifications and speeds. DAVENPORT also completed an inventory of key elements of the existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in the study corridor, noting deficiencies within these systems.

Based on our review of past information and data collected, DAVENPORT summarized existing conditions and deficiencies of the study corridor. Identified deficiencies included operational (i.e. level of service) and physical (i.e. non-standard features, bridge condition). DAVENPORT provided a technical memorandum that summarized the results of the study.



DAVENPORT is currently conducting an Intersection Operational and Safety Analysis for three intersections in Stafford County, Virginia – Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) and Route 637, Route 1 at Route 639, and Route 639 at Route 637. A crash history of the study area was analyzed by DAVENPORT to find that the intersection of Route 1 at Route 639 currently experiences a pattern of southbound rear end crashes. In addition to the concern of the overall safety of this corridor, analysis revealed poor levels of service and extensive queues along this stretch of Route 1 in future conditions. VDOT requested analysis of various options to improve the operation, flow and safety of the intersections.

DAVENPORT was tasked with studying three improvement alternatives for both the short term (2024) and long term (2040) conditions. These alternatives included:

As analysis of the three alternatives was conducted it was concluded that none of the three improvement alternatives resulted in acceptable results in long term conditions.

DAVENPORT staff collaborated within to suggest a fourth alternative beyond what was proposed in the initial scope provided by VDOT. This alternative involved the signalization of both intersections, consolidating the southbound left turns from both intersections to Route 639, and consolidating the westbound left turns from both intersections to Route 637. This alternative was analyzed and results showed greatly improved level of service, delay, and reduced queuing at the intersections. Once this was presented, VDOT concurred that the fourth alternative provided by DAVENPORT would be the recommended long term improvement plan for this section of highway.

Deliverables from this project include a study report containing analysis relative to crash history, signal warrants, level of service and queuing. Also included within the report were conceptual sketches of the analyzed short-term and long-term improvement alternatives, along with an opinion of probable cost to design and construct the subjected improvements.



The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) entered into a $2.1 billion comprehensive agreement with developer, Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) to complete this large-scale design-build project, DAVENPORT is a consultant to lead designer Parsons Brinckerhoff. The overall scope of this 6 year undertaking includes doubling the capacity of the Midtown Tunnel, and rehabilitating the existing tunnels thus improving safety and functionality.

Scope of Services:

DAVENPORT’s role includes the development of ALL traffic signs (overhead and ground mounted), and pavement markings for this project. DAVENPORT’s competency of MUTCD standards are an important part of their proficiency on the project. One of the goals of this rehabilitation is to make way-finding in the complex tunnel structure more clear. DAVENPORT is using technology GuideSign to produce signs. DAVENPORT is also providing signing and pavement marking for the toll component of this project. As Virginia’s first full-scale all electronic toll collection, signing and pavement marking are critical to the success of this project.


NCDOT NC24 Safety And Operational Study - Beulaville, NC

DAVENPORT was selected to conduct a safety and operational study along NC 24 (Main Street) within the limits of the Town’s extraterritorial jurisdiction - 3.37 mile study area. A few of the major concerns to local business owners and town officials include the following:

The project is currently underway, and DAVENPORT has lead two steering committee meetings including a project kickoff and traffic/safety focused meeting. Currently we are finalizing the draft study and two conceptual design plans to be presented in August. Recommendations range from center median islands, pedestrian improvements, landscaping, signage, lane narrowing, a new traffic signal, and a roundabout option.



The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) contracted with DAVENPORT to analyze proposed transportation improvement options to reduce the number of left turn crashes at the intersection of Route 620 (Harrison Road) at Route 639 (Leavells Road/Salem Church Road) in Spotsylvania County, VA. DAVENPORT performed an intersection safety analysis for the intersection which include collecting turning movement traffic counts, bicycle and pedestrian counts, and preparation and analysis of a collision diagram. In order to assess the existing traffic safety issues, crash history for the years 2008, 2009, and 2010 was provided by VDOT and reviewed for the study intersections. The goal of the project was to improve traffic flow as well as alleviate the intersection of the left turn angle crashes.

DAVENPORT investigated several solutions to the amount of crashes and provided conceptual design and cost estimates for the most viable. After full evaluation of safety traffic operations, constructibility, and cost DAVENPORT recommended full closure of Griffith Way (north), a nearby intersection to Route639/Leavells Road. DAVENPORT then prepared the complete HSIP application including the B/C calculation.


NCDOT R-2519B Widening Of US 19E

DAVENPORT was retained by the NCDOT Professional Services Management Unit to provide pavement markings and signing for this widening of US 19 E. This project was completed as a task order contract through DAVENPORT’s Limited Services agreement with Transportation Mobility and Safety.

The scope included full pavement marking and signing plans for approximately 8 miles of roadway along US 19E from SR 1189 (Old US 19) in Yancey County to a multilane section West of Spruce Pine in Mitchell County. This project represents an excellent example of how DAVENPORT can work closely with NCDOT to accomplish their priorities in a timely manner. This project was completed on schedule and budget with limited comments or revisions.


Jeremy Runkle, PE, MBA is selected to lead the new DAVENPORT office in Jacksonville, FL


DAVENPORT is thrilled to announce the addition of its 11th office to the Southeast! Located in Jacksonville, FL this will be the firm’s second office within the Sunshine State (in addition to Pensacola, FL). Our firm has chosen the right person for the job. Jeremy Runkle, PE, MBA will serve as the Director of the Jacksonville Regional Office. Mr. Runkle has extensive experience in the field of transportation engineering and has significant experience on notable design-driven multimillion dollar projects.


Jeremy comes to DAVENPORT with over 10 years of experience providing transportation engineering services including proficiency in roadway design, construction plans preparation, CADD, project documentation, and cost estimating. Mr. Runkle’s specialties include geometric design, intersection design, interchange design, traffic operations including signing and pavement markings, ADA compliance, and bicycle facilities, with additional experience in pavement design, drainage design, and maintenance of traffic design.


With the design expertise Jeremy brings to the firm in the greater Jacksonville area, DAVENPORT is pleased to provide its top-notch services and complete its coverage of the North Florida region. DAVENPORT is excited to bring its proven engineered success to new clients within the State of Florida and look forward to the many opportunities ahead! For more on Jeremy you can visit the Our Team page.



Edith Peters, PE, PTOE joins the DAVENPORT Team to head the Charlotte Office


DAVENPORT is pleased to announce that Edith G. Peters, PE, PTOE has joined DAVENPORT as Director of the Charlotte Regional Office. Ms. Peters has over nine years of experience in the industry, providing traffic engineering, transportation planning, and transportation design on numerous projects throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.


For more on Edith you can visit the Our Team page. We look forward to her presence in the firm and to the many opportunities that await.